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Sitsope Prophetic Prayer Line

Sitsope International Ministry - Prayer

Sitsope Prophetic Prayer Line

Welcome to Sitsope Prophetic Prayer Line. The Prayer Line is open to all people to join to seek the Lord for His Will to be done one earth as it is in heaven. Follow the schedule below for a FREE Hour of Prophetic Prayer And Intercession.

Your Will Be Done!


Jesus went into the Temple and began to throw [drive] out the people who were selling things there. He said, “It is written in the Scriptures, ‘My Temple [House] will be a house for prayer [Isaiah. 56:7].’ But you have changed [made] it into a ‘hideout for robbers’ [den of thieves]!” (Luke 19:45-46)

Sitsope Ministry - Prayer Line

Prayer Points

Featured prayer points & prayer requests. If you have a prayer request, please contact us. Submit all prayer requests and praise reports according to the instructions below.

Featured Prayer Points:

  • Annual International Crusade - Togo 2019
  • The City of Chicago
  • Togo
Sitsope International Ministry - Prayer Line

Featured Prayer Line Episodes

The following featured episodes from the Sitsope International Prophetic Prayer Line are provided freely. You may listen, share with others and download. We only ask that you respect our Copyright privileges and not modify them without prior written consent from Sitsope International Ministry. You may share them as is only without any addition or subtraction. Thank you.